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With Dereck Brown sitting in for The Beilski, we smoke the CAIN F 550 and the PARTAGAS SPANISH ROSADO with some tawny port and rye bourbon. Brought to you by our friends at BREWFONTAINE.

Lamborghini has an SUV, Wendy’s twitter for movie reviews, scientists ‘inject’ info into monkey brains, Chester’s friend, California on fire, Al Franken resigns, IOC bans Russia, OSU wins the BIG 10, CFB playoffs, Bengals and Steelers get chippy, pickems, and our top 5 improvised scenes in movies.


The Catch-22 cigar by Rocky Patel was. . .well, it burned. The Stone Brown by SEVENTH SON was fantastic, though, thanks to our friends at BREWFONTAINE.

Conrad Kaufman disagrees with his sisters wedding, Donna Price turns in her parents, Vera Mol goes bungee jumping, Venezuela, Kate’s Law, Project Veritas calls out CNN, Mayweather/McGregor, WWE is Big Ballin’, Phil Jackson gets canned, the Redskins win, and our top 5 80’s hotties