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With our friends at BREWFONTAINE providing the pairing of FLYING DOG SWEET AND SMOKEY with the ROOM 101 HN SERIES, we talk about some thangs.

IKEA loses a leader, Black Panther, getting busy at Burger King, saving children, a flamethrower, a memo, and a shark. Lots of sports stuff with our last pickems of the season, and our top 5 movies starring persons of color.


Havana Blend

The EAST INDIA TRADING Classic Cigar: Havana Blend Lancero was a decent performer. All flavor with just a little strength. The FLYING DOG Fever Dream Mango Habanero IPA was intensely good. Our thanks to BREWFONTAINE for the beer!

We talk about more clown attacks, Kim Kardashian’s robbery, the hurricane, Tim Kaine The Interrupter, Bill Clinton trashing ¬†Obamacare, MLB Post Season, ESPN throwing OSU some love, NFL ratings and recap, pickems, and our top 5 fictional sidekicks.