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140 – SETHINA?

Our friends at BREWFONTAINE paired the disappointing MACANUDO INSPIRADO WHITE with the fantastic MOELLER BARN OKTOBERFEST MARZEN. Hopefully, that’s the last Macanudo I ever smoke.

RIP Hugh Hefner, Uromys Vika, Spenser Rapone, a watery trip to Walmart, Dyson making electric cars, Hurricane Maria, NCAA basketball shenanigans, NBS stuff, NFL stuff, pickems, and our top 5 movies we haven’t seen.



The Macanudo Inspirado Toro tries to lure us in as we drink some sweet Irish coffee and talk about the Deadpool Blu-ray ad, the San Andreas fault, Mike Tyson endorsing Trump who then won Indiana, Guccifer hacking Hillary, Penguins and Capitals in hockey, the Cavs making history, Johnny Manziel being a douchebag, the Dolphins new approach to rookie camp, NFL draft recap, and our top 5 favorite slow jams.