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We couldn’t make it to BREWFONTAINE, so we were on our own for the pairing. The WICKED INDIE from EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY and some FOUR ROSES SMALL BATCH.

The Rock roasts Tyrese’s album, the Last Jedi trailer, Dove’s advertising fail, more Weinstein grossness, MLB playoffs, NFL week 5, pickems, and our top 5 children’s books.


The Duran Cigars Neya F8 Typhoon was not good.  Major construction and burn issues. The DAYTON BEER COMPANY BROWN STREET ALE didn’t get a fair shake.  We need to try it again when we’re not all grumpy from a bad cigar. . .

RIP Glenn Campbell,  Andrew David Jensen leaves a floater, Atlanta’s EAV Barbell Club, mutant ants, Preacher Hillary, MLB, college football, NFL, and our top 5 BOLD predictions for the upcoming NFL season.

132 – SHE’S BACK!

Our friends at BREWFONTAINE have brought her back! With the help of TOXIC BREW COMPANY, it’s JALLE’ BERRY! It has become my all-time favorite beer, and with the CAIN F 550, it’s even better.

RIP Sam Shepard, Shatner against the SJW’s of twitter, Dunkirk, Dan Cormier gets knocked out, Klitschko retires, MLB trades, NFL training camps, and our top 5 celebrities of the 70’s.


Our friends at BREWFONTAINE got us some CITRA ASS DOWN IPA from AGAINST THE GRAIN, and we paired it with a LA AURORA COROJO.

RIP George Romero, The Ford F-150 Police Responder, Bestherbs Coffee, GOT is super white, The Juice is loose, John McCain’s brain, the Cavs, the MLB trade deadline, Hugh Freeze, NFL training camp, and our top 5 things to happen since December 5, 2008.


We revisit the ASYLUM 13, and need a good beer to get us through some of its issues. BREWFONTAINE to the rescue with some OLD FIREHOUSE PROBIE PORTER.

The FY18 Agriculture Appropriations Bill, the end of the Dodge Viper, Shane Laqueef gets arrested again, Lula de Silva is gonna be a jailhouse president for Brazil, Senator Kid Rock, Russia stuff, Mayweather/McGregor stuff, Zach Cozart gets a donkey, MLB stuff, Lonzo Ball wearing Nikes, and our top 5 actor/acctress love interest.


Revisiting a cigar again. . . again, with the NICA RUSTICA EL BRUJITO from Drew Estate. Brought back some BIG BISON ALE from Branson, Missouri, and althoug I didn’t have the expert help of our friends at BREWFONTAINE, the pairing was pretty good.

Let’s see,  designer nipples, biohacking humans, mike Tingley is an idiot, George Clooney coming back to the USA,  even the Vatican is gay, CNN is into blackmail, North Korea, Trump goes to Europe,  Jeff Horn “defeats” Pacquiao, NBA, MLB, and our top 5 album covers.


Episode 126 - HOLD THE ONIONS

Our friends at BREWFONTAINE paired our ASYLUM 13  with some HEAVY SEAS PEG LEG IMPERIAL STOUT. Enjoy the pairing, me hearties.

Yuba Sharma hates onions, Chernobyl’s new hot spot,  Toothphone.net, Reality Winner. . . ain’t, James Comey says, Scooter Gennett, Thad Mata, Stanley Cup finals, NBA finals, did Kevin Durant pass LeBron James, and our top 5 guilty pleasure songs.



The 601 La Bomba Flash Bang? Don’t bother. The Flying Monkeys THE CHOCOLATE MANIFESTO Chocolate Milk Stout? Get as much as you can find. Really really good. We thank our friends at BREWFONTAINE for the suggested pairing.

RIP Bill Paxton, the Oscars pull a Steve Harvey, Youtube TV, Meanwhile In Key West, Trump addresses Congress, and Russians are everywhere.

Dayton wins the A10 outright, the Cavs pick up some help, Tebow at Mets spring training, NFL free agency, and our top quotes from guys named Bill.


JACKIE O’S JAVA THE STOUT would have paired well with anything, but we paired it with the NUB CAMEROON. Thanks to the great people from BREWFONTAINE!

We talked about Miguel Ferrer, Ringling Bros, Alcor’s desert body depot, Key West, Betsy Devos, Donald Trump, Baseball HOF 2017, the Las Vegas Raiders, Travis Kelce, Mike Tomlin, Bill Belichick’s Snapface, playoffs and pickems, and our top 5 celebrities who haven’t aged well.



We smoke the PERDOMO Reserve Champagne Noir paired with The Dark Gourd Rises by NORTH HIGH BREWING from our friends at BREWFONTAINE. Another good pairing.

We talk about the new most interesting man in the world, Donald Glover as Lando, AT&T buying Time Warner, Obamacare, hostile Trump coverage. the World Series, the NBA, OSU, NFL, and our top 5 most interesting men.