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We couldn’t make it to BREWFONTAINE, so we were on our own for the pairing. The WICKED INDIE from EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY and some FOUR ROSES SMALL BATCH.

The Rock roasts Tyrese’s album, the Last Jedi trailer, Dove’s advertising fail, more Weinstein grossness, MLB playoffs, NFL week 5, pickems, and our top 5 children’s books.

140 – SETHINA?

Our friends at BREWFONTAINE paired the disappointing MACANUDO INSPIRADO WHITE with the fantastic MOELLER BARN OKTOBERFEST MARZEN. Hopefully, that’s the last Macanudo I ever smoke.

RIP Hugh Hefner, Uromys Vika, Spenser Rapone, a watery trip to Walmart, Dyson making electric cars, Hurricane Maria, NCAA basketball shenanigans, NBS stuff, NFL stuff, pickems, and our top 5 movies we haven’t seen.


With the RAMON BUESO GENESIS THE PROJECT burning merrily along, we had some 35K by AGAINST THE GRAIN, and thanks to the amazing folks at BREWFONTAINE, we finished very strong with some DOGFISH HEAD OAK-AGED VANILLA WORLDWIDE STOUT.

RIP Harry Dean Stanton and Jake LaMotta, Sammy The Bull, more Terminators, the Dadbag, the Mad Pooper, the Fatberg, and the Shark. Andre Ward retires, Kevin Durant tweets nonsense, the Buckeyes, the lackluster NFL, Draft Kings, Pickems, and our top 5 products that were bad ideas.


The DIESEL WICKED was a stout little fellah, but it was better with beer. Thanks to BREWFONTAINE, we started off with some JACKIE O’S CELLAR CUVÉE, a stellar beer that overpowered the cigar, NEW HOLLAND’S BALTIC ANOMALY paired with it very well, and our opinions are split on the ALESMITH THAI SPEEDWAY STOUT.  I think it elevated the cigar, turning it into a pairing that demanded attention and study, while the Beilski was wrong.

RIP Frank Vincent, giving our freedoms to the government and our souls to the devil, lots of sportsy stuff, and our top 5 songs played in sports arenas. . .


With a CAMACHO NICARAGUAN RUM BARREL-AGED in our hand, and a G’SUFFA! from FAT HEAD’s BREWERY, we went back to BREWFONTAINE after a long absence, and you should too…

Martin Skrelli doesn’t need any money, a Taco Bell in Cleveland, Angela Hircock is consistent, the puke-proof shoe, the fate of Cassini, college football, NFL, other sportsy stuff, and our top 5 songs about tragedies.


Another loving spoonful of JALLE’ BERRY to go with our GILBERTO OLIVA RESERVA.  A fine pairing and not a bit stuck up.

Science and whiskey, no walking and texting in Stamford, Mark Johnson leaves a message, Chris Cantwell. . . well. . . can’t, other Nazi douchebaggery. LeBron is leaving? is 61 the real home run record? Can the Dolphins field a whole team? Some fantasy football sleepers, and our top 5 strangest monuments.


The Duran Cigars Neya F8 Typhoon was not good.  Major construction and burn issues. The DAYTON BEER COMPANY BROWN STREET ALE didn’t get a fair shake.  We need to try it again when we’re not all grumpy from a bad cigar. . .

RIP Glenn Campbell,  Andrew David Jensen leaves a floater, Atlanta’s EAV Barbell Club, mutant ants, Preacher Hillary, MLB, college football, NFL, and our top 5 BOLD predictions for the upcoming NFL season.

132 – SHE’S BACK!

Our friends at BREWFONTAINE have brought her back! With the help of TOXIC BREW COMPANY, it’s JALLE’ BERRY! It has become my all-time favorite beer, and with the CAIN F 550, it’s even better.

RIP Sam Shepard, Shatner against the SJW’s of twitter, Dunkirk, Dan Cormier gets knocked out, Klitschko retires, MLB trades, NFL training camps, and our top 5 celebrities of the 70’s.


The A. TURRENT PURO COROJO was good, but it couldn’t quite keep up with the TOTAL ECLIPSE DOUBLE SHOT by MAUMEE BAY BREWING COMPANY. As always, thanks to our friends at BREWFONTAINE!

Justine Bieber calls it quits, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world for a couple of hours, Nic Cage in Kazakhstan, Spontaneous debate question, Imran Awan tries to get away, the Senate sucks without Kid Rock, Jordan Spieth, Michael Phelps races a shark, Lavar Ball, Kyrie Irving, NFL training camp, and our Top 5 80’s television shows.


Our friends at BREWFONTAINE got us some CITRA ASS DOWN IPA from AGAINST THE GRAIN, and we paired it with a LA AURORA COROJO.

RIP George Romero, The Ford F-150 Police Responder, Bestherbs Coffee, GOT is super white, The Juice is loose, John McCain’s brain, the Cavs, the MLB trade deadline, Hugh Freeze, NFL training camp, and our top 5 things to happen since December 5, 2008.