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I’m smoking solo with the RECLUSE OTG TARANTULA paired with a COCA-COLA. We gotta a challenge for our friends at BREWFONTAINE coming up. Updates as they happen!

Taco Bell’s new beer, Mary Waguespack, American Eagle’s jewelry fail, Philly bans bulletproof glass, Russell Simmons and Roy Moore, Net Neutrality, Big Ballin’ in Lithuania, Brandon Dubinsky, OSU football fans, Dirty Michael Bennett, the Dolphins beat the Patriots, Carson Wentz tears his ACL, and our top 5 worst beer ideas.


With Dereck Brown sitting in for The Beilski, we smoke the CAIN F 550 and the PARTAGAS SPANISH ROSADO with some tawny port and rye bourbon. Brought to you by our friends at BREWFONTAINE.

Lamborghini has an SUV, Wendy’s twitter for movie reviews, scientists ‘inject’ info into monkey brains, Chester’s friend, California on fire, Al Franken resigns, IOC bans Russia, OSU wins the BIG 10, CFB playoffs, Bengals and Steelers get chippy, pickems, and our top 5 improvised scenes in movies.


Another ROCKY PATEL with construction and burn issues. Good thing the FOUNDERS DKML from our friends at BREWFONTAINE was there to save the day.

RIP Jim Nabors, Avenger Infinity War trailer, the Smart Condom, Matt Lauer is a huge perv, Justin Trudeau cries again, no justice for Kate Steinle, LeBron gets tossed, OSU wins THE GAME, the CFP, NFL week 12, pickems, and out top 5 television shows from the 90’s.


Without BREWFONTAINE’S help, we did our best. Some ESTHER’S LIL SECRET and a SERINO CIGARS WAYFARER. We did alright.

RIP Malcolm Young, we salute you.

Paris Hilton invented the selfie, hipster racism, our wrestling promos, everybody’s gay including Wes Goodman, Charlie Rose, Bill Clinton, LeBron gets stitches, UCLA fires Mora, Buckeye football, CFB spreadems, NFL week 11, pickems, and our top 5 dance scenes in movies.


BREWFONTAINE sent us some BLACK SHEEP STOUT by SEVENTH SON to go with our LIGA PRIVADA NO. 9. The cigar disappointed (I believe it was a storage issue at my local tobacconist), but the beer was outstanding.

Chris Jorgensen’s sandwich, our wrestling personas, Justice League sucks, Gal Gadot is awesome, Stuart Smalley gets gropey, Trump in Asia, Goalie Bob and his unreal save, LeBron is the King of New York, Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas Cowboys), NFL week 10, pickem’s, and our top 5 pro wrestling jobbers.


Our friends at BREWFONTAINE pulled out some DOUBLE BASTARD for our LA AROMA DE CUBA MI AMOR RESERVA. Our arrogance far surpassed our worth, and we enjoyed a fine pairing.

The Sam Adams Utopias, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, Audible’s “Take me to the good part”, Amber Schmunk, Terrion Pouncy, Paul Manafort, Donna Brazile, the Astros, CFP rankings, Josh Gordon reinstated, NFL trade deadline, pickems, and our top 5 actor cameos in a movie.


We are revisiting the A TURRENT TRIPLE PLAY PURO MADURO, a tasty treat paired with the SOUTHERN TIER PUMKING thanks to our friends at BREWFONTAINE, but the Carnitas Mexican Pasta that Froho made was elevated with some PRAIRIE ARTISAN ALES BOMB! Go get ’em kids.

RIPĀ  Robert Guillaume, RIP Fats Domino, Woody Harrelson quits weed, Harvey Weinstein quits rape, the dossier, Uranium One, Iditarod dog’s are using, Tal Flicker wins Judo gold, college football, NFL, pickems, and our top 5 songs from the 1950’s.


The DIESEL UNCUT and some BELL’S BREWERY KALAMAZOO STOUT make for a fine pairing from our friends at BREWFONTAINE.

Playboy’s new playmate of the month, Chelsea Handler “quits”, Malcolm Applegate takes a walk in the woods, Wayne Winters takes a walk in Utah, George W takes a swipe at Trump, Lowest jobless claims since ’73, MLB Playoffs, NHL playoff format, NBA season tips off, CFB, NFL, pickems, and our top 5 sings about the weather.


We couldn’t make it to BREWFONTAINE, so we were on our own for the pairing. The WICKED INDIE from EAST INDIA TRADING COMPANY and some FOUR ROSES SMALL BATCH.

The Rock roasts Tyrese’s album, the Last Jedi trailer, Dove’s advertising fail, more Weinstein grossness, MLB playoffs, NFL week 5, pickems, and our top 5 children’s books.

140 – SETHINA?

Our friends at BREWFONTAINE paired the disappointing MACANUDO INSPIRADO WHITE with the fantastic MOELLER BARN OKTOBERFEST MARZEN. Hopefully, that’s the last Macanudo I ever smoke.

RIP Hugh Hefner, Uromys Vika, Spenser Rapone, a watery trip to Walmart, Dyson making electric cars, Hurricane Maria, NCAA basketball shenanigans, NBS stuff, NFL stuff, pickems, and our top 5 movies we haven’t seen.