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Another loving spoonful of JALLE’ BERRY to go with our GILBERTO OLIVA RESERVA.  A fine pairing and not a bit stuck up.

Science and whiskey, no walking and texting in Stamford, Mark Johnson leaves a message, Chris Cantwell. . . well. . . can’t, other Nazi douchebaggery. LeBron is leaving? is 61 the real home run record? Can the Dolphins field a whole team? Some fantasy football sleepers, and our top 5 strangest monuments.



The Oliva Serie V Double Robusto. Very, very good alongside an Orange Creamsuckle: cream soda (diet because we’re watching our calories but not really), 2oz of rum, and 1.5oz of orange liqueur. I’m having fun…

The internet is killing independent pizza, Katt Williams gets stomped out, RIP Nancy Reagan, Marco Rubio needs to go go, Hillary loses Michigan but wins more delegates, Eddie Hall deadlifts 1025lbs, Justin Beiber criticizes Nate Diaz, McGregor and Holm take a loss, a new NFL year starts, and our top 5 dead actors. Yup.

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