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159 – DR. VELVET

Unlike when BREWFONTAINE helps with pairings, when left to ourselves, we just switch to booze. We have the LA IMPERIOSA by CROWNED HEADS and some JACK AND COKE while we talk about stuff.

RIP John Mahoney, Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando, Uma Thurman, Amazon employee tracking, Ford’s cop cars, basketball, football, other sports stuff, and our top 5 predictions that will happen by 2050.


Thanks to BREWFONTAINE, the CAO LA TRAVIATA  paired perfectly with the NIGHT VELVET by Warped Wing Brewing. Add in some listener goodies, and it was distracting bliss.

RIP Joni Sledge, killer robots, 3d printed houses, no more tag on the playground, Key West, Trump and more Trump, boxing, basketball, football, sportsball, and our top 5 favorite Irish men/women.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!