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Like the local news, BREWFONTAINE is on our side with some RENEGADE’S PANCAKES MAPLE PORTER and some SOUTHERN TIER SALTED CARAMEL IMPERIAL STOUT paired with our MAN O’ WAR RUINATION WARHORSE*. What a fine time to be alive.

*The link sends you offsite to a review waaaay better than ours.

RIP Roy Halladay, Wayne Winters finds a kidney, Chevy’s C/10, Cassettes are back, Maduro likes empanadas, a bunch of sports crap, and our top 5 new nicknames for the professional football club in Washington, D.C.



Our good friends at BREWFONTAINE paired the FLOR DE LAS ANTILLAS MADURO ¬†with SOUTHERN TIER’S THICK MINT, and (this is Jacob Quarterman writing here) it was the greatest thing ever.

We talk about the new Pennywise, a menstruating robot, Google winking at porn watchers, some Meanwhile in Key West, Rob Schneider’s tweets, the Gorsuch filibuster, the Reynaldo statue, the padre’s get attacked by bees, Goalie Bob on a roll…but not the Cavs, the Las Vegas Raiders, Nfl stuff, and our top 5 most infectious bass lines.