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Like the local news, BREWFONTAINE is on our side with some RENEGADE’S PANCAKES MAPLE PORTER and some SOUTHERN TIER SALTED CARAMEL IMPERIAL STOUT paired with our MAN O’ WAR RUINATION WARHORSE*. What a fine time to be alive.

*The link sends you offsite to a review waaaay better than ours.

RIP Roy Halladay, Wayne Winters finds a kidney, Chevy’s C/10, Cassettes are back, Maduro likes empanadas, a bunch of sports crap, and our top 5 new nicknames for the professional football club in Washington, D.C.



Episode 117 - All That Talent - The Camacho Triple Maduro

The mighty BREWFONTAINE paired the CAMACHO TRIPLE MADURO with some MADTREE RUBUS CACAO.  Such a good pairing. Like cocaine and waffles.

We talk about kids still living at home, Caitlyn Jenner is even more official, the Cal Exit leader quits and moves to Russia, Venezuela seizes GM plant, the new book about Hillary, Aaron Hernandez, Tiger Woods, the NHL playoffs, the NBA playoffs, the NFL 2017 schedule, mock draft insanity, and our top 5 promising athletes that pissed it all away.


Our friends at BREWFONTAINE paired the ENCLAVE by AJ Fernandez and the CLEAR SKY  Cream Ale by Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, and they were the perfect match.

RIP Alan Colmes, the Venezuelan Diet, the Walking Dead t-shirt, Meanwhile In Key West, Philly’s soda tax Fizzing out, Marine Le Pen, the NBA All-Star offensive defense, NBA trades, Jameis Winston talks to kids, Ole Miss bans itself, NFL trades, and our top 5 movies or scenes that elicited an emotional response,


The DIESEL UNLIMITED Lancero was fantastic, just not quite enough to compete with the amazing  FOR PETE’S SAKE Imperial Peanut Butter Chocolate Porter from DuClaw. Once again, BREWFONTAINE , those beautiful bearded barmen of Bellefontaine, provided the pairing. I love alliteration.

We talk about Alan Thicke and Craig Sager, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, Economy Class Eddie in Key West, Kim Jong Un, Venezuela, Trump and Kanye, Mayweather and McGregor, Chief Wahoo, Jeff Fisher, NFL/pickems, and our top 5 worst Christmas movies. Also, the Russians are behind everything.