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Without BREWFONTAINE’S help, we did our best. Some ESTHER’S LIL SECRET and a SERINO CIGARS WAYFARER. We did alright.

RIP Malcolm Young, we salute you.

Paris Hilton invented the selfie, hipster racism, our wrestling promos, everybody’s gay including Wes Goodman, Charlie Rose, Bill Clinton, LeBron gets stitches, UCLA fires Mora, Buckeye football, CFB spreadems, NFL week 11, pickems, and our top 5 dance scenes in movies.


While The Beilski was in Vegas, Dereck Brown took a shot at the mic. Since he’s a lightweight, he smoked the PERLA DEL MAR PERLA G. I had the RECLUSE AMADEUS HABANO RESERVE paired with WARPED WING’S JOLLY TAR. ¬†Go get some. kids!

RIP Sir Roger Moore, Top Gun 2, waltzing robots, drug smuggling pigeons, meanwhile in Key West, Utah trying to jail online bullies, Montana congressional race goes full WWE, Trump’s trip, Uzcategui vs Dirrill, Stanley Cup finals, playoff beard origins, NBA finals, and our top 5 summer movies.